How much Amit Bhadana earn from YouTube | Amit bhadana net worth in 2021

If you are a fan of Amit Bhadana and want to know everything about him then this is the best place for you. In this article, you will get to know how much Amit Bhadana earn from Youtube and Amit bhadana net worth in 2021.

Amit Bhadana net worth in 2021
Amit Bhadana | Source:

Who is Amit Bhadana?

If you watch Youtube videos then you may have seen at least one of his videos. Amit Bhadana is a very popular social media influencer and Youtuber with a subscriber count of more than 22.2 million. As of now Amit Bhadana uploaded 82 videos on YouTube.


Amit Bhadana uploaded his first video on march 1, 2017 with the title “Exams Be Like. Boards preparation be like“. He always uploads his videos on native language that is why he is also known as a desi guy.

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Amit Bhadana birthdate

Amit Bhadana was born on 7 September 1994 in Faridabad India and as of 2021, he is 26 years old. When Amit was 2 year old his family migrated to Delhi because of his father’s transport business. 

Amit Bhadana birthdate
Amit Bhadana | source:

Amit Bhadana’s house

Amit Bhadana’s house is located in Delhi where he lives with his family and Amit did disclose the house address because of safety precautions.

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Amit Bhadana’s girlfriend, wife and family members

As of now Amit bhadana is yet not married and we don’t have any information about his girlfriend, but some of the sources say that Riya Mavi is the girlfriend of Amit bhadana.

Amit Bhadana’s father name is Narendra Bhadana and we don’t know his mother’s name. Amit has one brother and one sister. His brother’s name is Sumit Bhadana.

Amit bhadana’s education

Amit Bhadana did his schooling from a small school in Yamuna Vihar. Amit was not very much interested in studies but because of his family’s dream, he studied and graduated from the University of Delhi, and later he did a diploma in Law.  

Award won by Amit Bhadana

In 2019, Amit Bhadana won the DADA SAHEB PHALKE AWARD for the best YouTube creator of India. As we mentioned he is a very popular YouTuber and his song “Parichay” is the most-watched video on his channel. 

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how much amit bhadana earn from youtube in Indian rupees
Amit Bhadana | source:

How Much Amit Bhadana Earn from YouTube?

According to, Amit Bhadana’s monthly earning from Youtube is around $7k to $125k and his yearly income is around $94K to $1.5M. It is not a total earning it includes the amount which earns from youtube only. 

Amit Bhadana earns much more money from sponsorships and advertisment.

How much Amit Bhadana earns in Indian Rupees from YouTube.

Amit Bhadana’s earning in Indian Rupees is approximately Rs 5 lakh to Rs 90 lakh monthly from YouTube. And his early income in Indian rupees is approximately Rs 68 lakh to Rs 10 Cr.

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Amit Bhadana latest pics

Amit Bhadana net worth in 2021

In 2020 Amit Bhadana’s net worth was $6.5 million and it is expected that his 2021 net worth will be around $7 million.

If we convert the 2020 net worth of amit bhadana in Indian rupees then it will be around Rs 47.5 crore and in 2021 it will be around Rs 51.2 crore.

Amit Bhadana FAQ’s

Who is Amit bhadana’s wife?

Amit bhadana is yet not married.

Why did Riya Mavi leave Amit bhadana?

Riya Mavi in one of his interview videos clarified that why she left Amit bhadana and she said she was feeling like “work under pressure” with very less respect as compared to others and she was also facing financial problems with Amit bhadana.

What is the salary of Amit bhadana?

Amit bhadana is a self made and No1 youtube in India and he earns around Rs 5 lakh to 90 lakh monthly.

How many Indian rupees YouTube 1000 views?

Youtube does not pay you as per views but views are very important for youtube earning. YouTube pay you as per the ads impressions and clicks on your videos. And if you ask how much youtube pay on 1000 views then it would be approximately Rs 200-300.

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