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Mumbiker nikhil earning

How much Mumbiker Nikhil earn from Youtube?

Mumbiker Nikhil is a very famous motovlogger and a lifestyle vlogger on youtube with a subscriber count of more than 3.4 million and he has uploaded more than 1200 vidoes. Mumbiker Nikhil is ideal for many moto vlogger as he inspires many people for moto vlogging.

What is the real name of Mumbiker nikhil?

Mumbiker nikhil’s real name is Nikhil Anil Brijal Kumar Sharma. Because Mumbiker Nikhil is born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, therefore, he named his youtube channel “Mumbiker Nikhil”. 

Mumbiker nikhil and shanice shrestha
Mumbiker nikhil and shanice shrestha

Mumbiker Nikhil's earlier life and education?

Mumbniker Nikhil said in some of his videos that he was not good at studying and he did hotel management from Rizvi college. As we mention that Mumbiker Nikhil was was not good at studies but somehow he passed his school and got into hotel management but he has also faced so many problems in college life also. 

After that, he gave an interview in Jet airways and Qatar Airways. At the time when he gave interview everybody thinks that he will join his father’s business. But somehow he cracked the interview in Qatar Airways and Jet airways but he decided to join Qatar airways. 

Watch Mumbiker Nikhil's draw my life video to know more about him

Mumbiker Nikhil's wife or girlfriend

If you watch Mumbiker Nikhil’s vlogs regularly then you may have already seen his girlfriend. Mumbiker Nikhil’s girlfriend is no one but his best friend Shanice Shrestha. Nikhil and Shanice got into a relationship recently and they are planning to get married soon. 

Mumbiker Nikhil's Profession?

Earlier he was working in Qatar Airways but now he is a full-time YouTuber. He also mentioned in some of his vlogs that he has many properties from that he collects rent and it is his family business. 

How much Mumbiker Nikhil earn from Youtube?

According to a website that shows approximate earnings of famous social media influencers, Mumbiker Nikhil earns Rs 5 lakh to 82 lakh monthly and Rs 61 lakh to 9 Cr yearly. Also, he said in an interview that he earns more than Rs 25 lakh monthly from youtube

I would like to end here with Mumbiker nikhil’s famous dialogue, “Shukhran Alvida Masalama Take care & do whatever you want our lovely friends”

Mumbiker nikhil FAQ

As per Mumbiker Nikhil earns approximately Rs 5 lakh to 80 lakh per month. And in one of his interviews he said he earns more than Rs 25 lakh per month.

No, Mumbiker Nikhil is not married yet but he is planning to get married soon.

Before youtube he was working in Qatar airways and now he is a full-time YouTuber and social media influencer.

Mumbiker Nikhil's girlfriend is Shanice Shrestha and both of them are planing to get married soon.

Mumbiker Nikhil lives in powai near heeranandani.

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