Gold became Expensive and Silver Became Cheap on the Afternoon of 11 June, Know the Latest Price of 1 Tola Gold

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11 June 2024 Gold-Silver Price Today: On the afternoon of June 11, gold has become expensive and silver has become cheaper in the Indian bullion market. Today the price of 10 grams of gold is above Rs 71 thousand. Also, the price of silver is more than Rs 87 thousand per kg. 10 grams of 24-carat gold of 999 purity is Rs 71192 in the country. Silver of 999 purity is Rs 87294 per kg.

The India Bullion and Jewelers Association said that on Monday evening, the price of 24-carat pure gold was Rs 71176 per 10 grams but today afternoon it has come down to Rs 71192. On the basis of purity, gold is expensive and silver is cheaper.

22 Carat Gold Price Today official website today shows 995 purity gold price is Rs 70907 per 10 grams. 916 (22 carat) gold price per 10 gram is Rs 65212. 750-carat (18-carat) gold is Rs 53394 per 10 grams. 585 (14 carat) gold price per 10 gram is Rs 41647.

How Much Did Gold and Silver Change Today?

Purity Monday evening rate Tuesday morning price change Rate

  • Gold (per 10 grams) 999 Purity – 71176 to 71192 – Rs. 16 more expensive
  • Gold (per 10 grams) 995 Purity – 70891 to 70907 – Rs. 16 more expensive
  • Gold (per 10 grams) 916 Purity – 65197 to 65212 – Rs. 15 more expensive
  • Gold (per 10 grams) 750 Purity – 53382 to 53394 – Rs. 12 more expensive
  • Gold (per 10 grams) 585 Purity – 41638 to 41647 – Rs. 9 more expensive
  • Silver (per kg) 585 Purity – 88928 to 87294 – Rs. 1,634 cheaper

Know the Price of Gold and Silver by Missed Call

You can also check gold and silver prices by giving a missed call. To know the price of 22-carat and 18-carat gold, give a missed call to 8955664433. You will get the rate information through SMS within a short time. You can also see the morning and evening gold rate updates on

Making Charges and Taxes are Levied Separately

Remember that the standard price of gold of different purities can be found in the prices issued by the Indian Bullion Jewelers Association. These are the expenses before taxes and making charges. The rates issued by IBJA do not include GST, but they are accepted across the country. When buying gold or silver jewellery, their prices are higher due to taxes.