Kelly Clarkson Sets the Record Straight: “I’m Pro-Romance, Yay Romance!”

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Kelly Clarkson recently stirred the pot with her comments on the romance between Taylor Swift and NFL Star Travis Kelce. The pop icon took to her morning talk show, “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” to express her reservations about how the Swift-Kelce love story seems to be taking over the NFL. However, she has clarified her stance, insisting that she never intended to bash anyone’s romance and that she’s all for love.

In an Instagram post, the “Because of You” singer set the record straight: “I did not bash anyone’s romance. I am pro-romance. Yay, romance .” She went on to defend her initial comments, emphasizing that all she wanted was to watch football when she tuned in to a football game, a request she deems appropriate.

So, what led to this clarification, and why did Kelly Clarkson initially voice her concerns?

Kelly’s Take on the Swift-Kelce Romance

During a segment on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” the 41-year-old star playfully remarked, “It’s not hilarious how it is taking over the NFL for people that like watching sports now.”

She likened watching the NFL with the Swift-Kelce romance coverage to watching reality TV, saying, “It’s like you’re watching ‘Housewives’ while you’re watching.”

Clarkson also humorously pointed out how broadcasters were discussing gossip rather than the game itself in between plays, teasing that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were “taking over” the sport.

This observation caught the attention of many, including the NFL itself, which noticed a significant spike in viewership and engagement thanks to Swift’s presence at games.

NFL Embracing the Swiftie Frenzy

Ian Trombetta, the NFL’s SVP of Social, Influencer and content Marketing, spoke about how unprecedented Swift’s sideline appearances have been. He mentioned that the NFL has had celebrities, influencers, and creators at games every week, driving massive interest and online discussions, something they’ve never seen in a regular NFL season.

Furthermore, Trombetta noted that this trend shows no signs of slowing down and continues to build momentum, creating a unique intersection between the music industry and sports.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce: Love in the Spotlight

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s romance has made headlines since they appeared together at Kelce’s home game at Arrowhead Stadium. From there, they’ve been stepping out of the shadows and into the limelight of their budding relationship.

Whether it’s cheering on Kelce from the stands with his mom, Donna, or packing on the PDA during a late-night date in New York City, the couple’s love story is taking centre stage.

According to insiders, Taylor Swift is reportedly falling head over heels for her athletic beau, and Kelce is said to feel the same way. It’s a love story that has captivated not just pop culture enthusiasts but sports fans too, making it a sensation in its own right.