Ownership and Funding

NewsFrom360.in was founded in 2020 and is one of the most reliable names in the field of journalism. BigShot Media owns NewsFrom360.in and is the company’s sole property. The company director has made the initial investment without raising any external funding.

Also, it can be construed as a bootstrapped business, the Site has received no funding at any juncture and has preferred to utilize the accrued profits to grow the Site business. 

NewsFrom360.in is a privately owned company incorporated under the Companies Act 1956. We comply fully with the company laws of India, and full accounting procedures are in place. We also comply with the laws on data privacy accordingly.


We don’t take any donations from readers. We have partnerships with some advertising providers for display ads throughout our website to meet the expenditures of the Company. Our newsgathering is independent of commercial and political interests.

We do not accept gifts, including paid travel, to avoid any conflict of interest or appearance thereof. When we rely on an organization for a product or access to an event, we are transparent about the relationship and note it within the relevant work. The newsroom is insulated from advertisers and underwriters by a firewall.

We have taken the Digital Adverts Ecosystem for Growth and Financing the day-to-day activity of NewsFrom360.in. We are running ads with Google Adsense, Google Adx, Facebook Ad Network and Third Party Ad Networks for revenue.