Pregnant Sienna Miller Reveals 14-Year Age Gap With Boyfriend Oli Green

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Sienna Miller has finally spoken out about her pregnancy – and the gender of her child with partner Oli Green. The actress, 41, “accidentally” disclosed in an interview with Vogue that she and actor Oli Green, 27, are expecting a daughter. Marlowe, the actress’s 10-year-old daughter with ex-boyfriend Tom Sturridge, is already a mother.

Starting Dating After 2021 Halloween Party

Miller recently disclosed that the American Woman actress began dating Green in 2021 after meeting at a mutual friend’s Halloween party.

Despite sharing a kiss that night, her first inclination was to dismiss the prospect of a meaningful relationship with Green due to their age gap.

Complained of “Double Standards” over Criticism of her Age Gap

Sienna Miller has complained of “double standards” in response to criticism of her age gap relationship, as she announced she is expecting a child with her 14-year-younger partner.

“I think people are comfortable with a way of living that has existed for many years, which is very misogynistic and patriarchal,” she added of the stigma associated with an older pregnancy.

“And like me being the older woman in a partnership with a younger person or being pregnant over 40 and that that’s an irresponsible and poor child and it’s such double standards.”

Pregnancy was Unplanned & Total Surprise

Pregnant Sienna Miller With Boyfriend Oli Green
Pregnant Sienna Miller With Boyfriend Oli Green

She also acknowledged that the pregnancy was Unplanned, stating, “I was very lucky.” I wasn’t actively trying to conceive. “This happened as a total surprise and biologically was something I was able to do.”

Her latest pregnancy was originally reported last summer when images of her in a swimsuit in Ibiza surfaced. In September, she attended a Vogue event in London wearing a dress that revealed her baby bump.

The couple was pictured beside Marlowe for a Vogue spread in which Miller proudly revealed her baby bump.