Harsh Beniwal YouTube Income and Net Worth

Harsh Beniwal Earns so much from YouTube that he can buy Fortuner every Month.

Harsh Beniwal is one of the famous YouTubers of India who has 15.7 million subscribers on YouTube.

Harsh Beniwal started making videos from 2013 itself.

Harsh Beniwal used to upload videos on Instagram in the initial days.

After getting good response on Instagram videos, he started uploading videos on YouTube in 2015.

Harsh Beniwal earns money through YouTube Sponsorships and Google AdSense.

Harsh Beniwal earns so much from YouTube every month which is more than many Bollywood celebrities.

Harsh Beniwal earns around Rs 52 - 67 lakh every month from YouTube.

Harsh Beniwal's total Net Worth in 2024 is around Rs 15 crore.

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