Jaya Kishori told an Easy Way to Reduce Dark Circles

Who is Jaya Kishori?

Storyteller and motivational speaker Jaya Kishori is quite famous because of her videos and stories. Everyone likes to watch his videos.

Jaya Kishori was asked in an interview some time ago, 'Most of the people today work from 9 to 5 and then sleep at night. But many times people work full awake. Is this right.

On this Jaya Kishori said, 'The body has a natural cycle. If someone stays awake the whole night, his cycle will get messed up.

'Like if you stay awake all night you will have dark circles. Now it will not happen that if you sleep the whole day then dark circles will not appear.

'Because if you work against the natural cycle, you will definitely see an adverse effect.'

'For example, if we talk about intermittent fasting, we do not eat food after the evening because our body is not able to digest the food that well. And becomes fat.

'This nature is telling you that at this time they do this, at this time they do that. But if my work is such that I have to take a flight at night, then I will have to sleep during the day.

'But I cannot justify to him that I am doing right. Its effect will be visible on me. I will feel unwell, have dark circles and may feel tired.

'The body will tell you what you are doing wrong. You focus on your body, it will tell you everything, when it needs rest and when it should work.

What does science say?

Science says, 'If you do not sleep for seven to eight hours at night, the oxygen in the eyes reduces, due to which the blood vessels dilate, due to which your eyes become red. In such a situation, due to lack of oxygen, the blood vessels around the eyes become dark in color and become visible through the skin as dark circles.

How to remove dark circles?

To avoid dark circles, increase the amount of salt in your diet for a few days, avoid exposure to sunlight, consume more liquids, do not consume alcohol, fulfill the deficiency of Vitamin A and most importantly 7. -Start taking 8 hours of sleep.