Who is Swaranjit Bajaj (Swaran Paaji)?

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In this article, we are going to talk about Swaranjit Bajaj aka Swaran Paaji, Business, Watch Prices, Bikes and Car Collection etc.

Who is Swaran Paji?

If you are a Mumbiker Nikhil’s Subscriber then you might have seen Swaran Paaji in his Vlogs. Swaranjit Bajaj is a very good friend of Mumbiker Nikhil.

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The Real name of Swaran Paji is “Swaranjit Bajaj” and his Full name is “Swaranjit Singh Bajaj“. He is a businessman who runs multiple businesses.

Businesses of Swaranjit Bajaj (Swaran Paaji)

Swaranjit Bajaj aka Swaran Paaji is the owner of Punjab Sindh Private Limited which manufactures foodstuffs and he has been doing this business for the last 11 years.

His company Punjab Sindh Private Limited registered on 05 April 2011 and Swaranjit Bajaj is one of the board members of the company. The company is situated in Mumbai.

Swaranjit Bajaj also runs another business, Gurunanak Export Private Limited and it was started on 18 May 1999.

Swaranjit Bajaj (Swaran Paaji) Bikes and Cars Collection

Swaran Paji is a true Bike enthusiast who loves to keep expensive and rare motorcycles in his collection. Currently, he has multiple bikes including the Indian Roadmaster Elite and he is the first owner of the bike in India.

The expensive Bike Collection of Swaranjit Bajaj includes:

  • BMW Grand America K 1600 GTL
  • India Roadmaster Elite which is the only one in India
  • Victory Vision
  • Honda Gold Wing F6B
  • Standard Honda Gold Wing 1800 cc
  • Yamaha Midnight Warrior
  • BMW GSA 1250
  • Ducati Scrambler
  • Aprilia SXR 160

The Main common thing in all the bikes of Swaran Paaji is their registration number, Most of his bikes have a 0001 VIP Registration Number and another common thing is Color.

Swaran Paaji likes Yellow color a lot therefore all his vehicles are colored yellow except the BMW GSA 1250 and Indian Roadmaster Elite which is in Blue. And his bike garage is also painted Yellow colour.

Swaran Paji Watch Worth Rs 11 Lakh

Swaranjit Bajaj famously known as Swaran Paaji bought a Breitling Emergency Watch worth Rs 11 lakh. The main feature of the watch is that it has an antenna inside which can be used for only one time during extreme emergencies.

Swaran Paaji's latest watch worth Rs 11 lakh
Swaran Paaji’s latest watch worth Rs 11 lakh

The Breitling Watch Company had collaboration with the Navy and Military throughout the world. The emergency feature of the watch can be used in any part of the world which is why it is too expensive.

If you press the emergency button of the watch mistakenly then you have to pay a Rs 7.5 lakh Fine for the first time and if you press the button mistakenly the second time then you will be Jailed for Six Months.

Swaranjit Bajaj (Swaran Paaji) FAQ’s

Who is Swaran Paaji?

Swaranjit Bajaj aka Swaran Paaji is a businessman and true bike enthusiast.

What is the Full Name Swaran Paaji?

Full name of Swaran Paaji is “Swaranjit Singh Bajaj”.

How many Bikes Swaran Paaji have?

Currently, Swaran Paaji has approximately 15-20 Bikes.

Which is the most expensive Bikes of Swaran Paaji?

BMW Grand America K 1600 GTL and Indian Roadmaster Elite are the most expensive bikes of Swaran Paaji.

What is the Price of Swaranjit Bajaj (Swaran Paaji) Watch?

Swaranjit Bajaj (Swaran Paaji) bought a Breitling Emergency Watch worth Rs 11 lakh.