24 Best AI Tools For Education And Learning (2024)

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming teaching and learning by introducing personalized learning experiences and automated grading systems. We will explore the AI applications revolutionizing education this year.

AI Tutors Customize Lessons for Student Needs

Intelligent tutoring systems are revolutionizing education. These AI tutors evaluate students to serve up tailored lessons, practice, and feedback. Learners study at their own pace following the optimal path for their needs.

AI tutoring stars in 2024 include:

  • Quizlet – Uses AI to generate personalized study plans targeting weak areas. Provides real-time explanations as students practice concepts.
  • Century – Identifies knowledge gaps with AI analytics to assign customized problem sets. Educators gain insights to provide targeted support.
  • Mathpresso – Features an AI math tutor with speech recognition for answering questions verbally. Creates customized lessons and feedback.

AI Writing Assistants Polish Essay Skills

Essay writing takes practice. AI writing assistants help students perfect skills by providing feedback, catching plagiarism, offering templates, and auto-generating content using natural language processing (NLP).

Top tools include:

  • QuillCloud – Free AI writing app with QuillBot to paraphrase essays, and check grammar and plagiarism. Compare essays to improve drafts.
  • Lang.ai – Saves teacher’s time with AI checking essays for quality, comprehension and plagiarism. Rapid review of multiple essays.
  • WriteSonic – Offers robust AI writing help integrated with Microsoft Word. Rewrite essays, understand feedback, and cite sources easily.

AI Reading Apps Build Comprehension

AI reading assistants boost comprehension by listening, summarizing, defining words, translating text, and assessing reading levels. Learners grow vocabulary and critical reading skills.

Effective AI reading tools:

  • Osmo Reader – Uses AI and computer vision to track reading speed, accuracy, and focus to improve fluency. Game-based engagement.
  • Quizlet – Speech recognition and NLP define words and reinforce vocabulary through interactive games.
  • WiseRead – AI determines text complexity, makes recommendations, defines hard words, and tests comprehension.

Automated Grading: AI Saves Teachers Time

Automated grading apps use NLP and machine learning to provide fast, high-quality feedback on student work. This allows educators to reduce the time spent on assessments.

Smart graders:

  • Gradescope – Teachers assign open-ended work for reliable AI grading. Admins track grading analytics.
  • WriteLab – Automated essay grading via AI analyzes vocabulary, ideas, structure and conventions. Students get rapid feedback to revise drafts.
  • Mathbot – Grades math work including algebraic expressions, integrals, and derivatives with AI. Creates stepped solutions and rich feedback.

AI Language Learning Apps Drive Fluency

Want to master Spanish or Chinese? AI language apps make it fun and effective. Conversational AI tutors, speech recognition, and adaptive lessons personalize training to strengthen skills.

Top picks include:

  • Duolingo – Uses AI to tailor courses to each learner’s abilities. Makes achieving fluency engaging through gamification.
  • Rosetta Stone – Leverages speech recognition tech for users to hone pronunciation with AI tutors. Focuses on building hard skills.
  • Busuu – Features AI conversational tutors for practising 12 languages. Connect with native speakers for feedback.

AI Helpers Automate Classroom Tasks

AI classroom assistants offload administrative tasks so teachers can focus on students. These virtual helpers take attendance, assess work, adapt lesson plans, and provide tech support.


  • Teachers Assistant – AI takes attendance, calculates grades, records lessons, and proctors exams. Teachers maintain data control while automating tasks.
  • Century – Uses AI to create personalized lessons and student groupings. Generates formative assessments.
  • GoGuardian – Automates tasks like taking attendance, and documenting conduct. Saves teachers 20+ hours annually.

AI Tools Keep Online Testing Secure

Remote learning requires reliable student authentication and anti-cheating measures during exams. AI proctoring uses machine vision and data forensics to uphold academic integrity anywhere.

Leaders include:

  • Proctorio – Monitors live video/audio with AI during remote tests. Automated or human reviews ensure secure environments.
  • Honorlock– Advanced eye tracking knows if students look away potentially to cheat. Alerts notify staff of concerns.
  • Examsoft – AI captures facial, voice, and gaze biometrics to detect impersonation or violations.

AI Training Preps Students for In-Demand Jobs

As automation alters the workforce, AI-powered online platforms teach career-ready digital skills for the roles of the future.

Top picks:

  • IBM SkillsBuild – Uses AI curation to aggregate tech courses and provide career mentoring.
  • Coursera – Partners with 200+ companies to teach job-relevant skills through AI personalized learning.
  • Udacity – Industry experts coach students through AI-powered programs in machine learning and data science.

AI unlocks learning potential, allowing educators to inspire students. While AI tutors provide personalized feedback, classroom assistants give teachers superpowers. Adopting the right AI stands to benefit all. The future looks bright for teaching enhanced by artificial intelligence.