Chandu Champion Review: Not Just Kartik, Say ‘Champion Kartik Aaryan’

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Chandu Champion Review – The real victory is not in defeating the other player, the real victory is in defeating your inner voice, which tells you every day that you have already lost, it is important to win over that voice.

If you can do this, then you too can become a champion in your life, Murlikant Petkar, who won the first gold medal for our country in the Paralympics, also did this by defeating his inner voice. And we can also do this.

If there is any confusion about how to do it, then watch Kartik Aaryan‘s ‘Chandu Champion’ running in theatres. ‘Chandu Champion‘ is such a story that it is difficult to believe. But it is equally important to tell about this story.

Chandu Champion Movie Story

Chandu Champion movie story begins with an old man who introduces himself as Muralikant Petkar. This man, who comes to the police station with his son, says that I want to file a case of cheating against the President of India because he did not give me the ‘Arjuna Award‘.

And then the story goes into flashback. Seeing the welcome procession of Khashaba Jadhav, who won the first medal for independent India in the individual games of the Olympics in 1952.

Little Murali, who joined the celebrations sitting on the shoulders of his elder brother, decides that he too wants to become a ‘champion’ like Khashaba. This Murali, who lives in Islampur in Sangli, is neither interested in studies nor in tailoring like his father.

This child, who dreams of becoming a ‘champion’, gets the right direction by watching Dara Singh‘s wrestling. Chandu accepts him as his Guru. And then his training begins in the arena of Islampur.

But initially, no one took this little Murali seriously, people tease him by calling him ‘Chandu Champion’. To know the interesting journey of Muralikant Petkar to become a ‘champion’, you will have to go to the theatre and watch Kartik Aaryan’s film ‘Chandu Champion’.

Chandu Champion Movie Review

Sajid Nadiadwala and Kabir Khan have told us the story of a hero whose contribution our country had forgotten. But a news reporter did research on Murlikant Petkar who went to the police station to file a cheating case against the country’s President.

The echo of the article written in the newspaper reached Delhi. And this champion of the country was honoured with the ‘Padma Shri Award‘. Kabir Khan has made a film on this ‘Indian superhero‘ lost in the pages of history with great honesty.

This 2 hour 23 minute film not only entertains you, but it also teaches you a lot. If Murlikant Petkar can fulfil his dream despite being hit by 9 bullets in his body, then we too can make the impossible possible, with this confidence you come out of the theatre. Obviously, the credit for this has to be given to Sajid Nadiadwala, Kabir Khan and Kartik Aaryan.

Chandu Champion Movie Direction and Writing

As I have already written, Kabir Khan has made this film with utmost honesty. Because no attempt has been made to exaggerate anything in this film. Kabir Khan could have shown that Muralikant Petkar was hit by 9 bullets while firing at the enemies and fighting with them.

But in the film, he has shown that Muralikant, who was searching for water to feed his guru on the battlefield, was hit by enemy bullets from behind. Kabir Khan has written the script of this film along with Sumit Arora and Sudipto Sarkar. And he has taken special care that this screenplay keeps the audience engaged till the end. The film becomes more interesting in the second half.

Making a big-budget film without romance is very challenging. And Kabir Khan has fulfilled this challenge very well. There are neither romantic songs nor any romantic touch in the film, yet this film does not bore us. It is obvious that the climax is very important in a sportsman’s biopic.

The way we get excited and nervous in the last scene despite knowing the result of the match in both the films ‘Chak De India‘ and the recently released Ajay Devgan‘s ‘Maidaan‘, the same feeling comes in the climax of ‘Chandu Champion‘.

We know the result, but still, we start getting worried for Murali who reached the finals while sitting in the theatre. And Kabir Khan passes his test. He has done wonders on the big screen with Kartik Aaryan.

Chandu Champion Movie Acting

Kartik Aaryan¬†has been seen romancing on the big screen so far or ruining his Titu’s love life by becoming Sonu. ‘Chandu Champion’ is his first biopic. And after watching the film, it can be said that this is Kartik’s best performance till date.

Be it Muralikant Petkar’s expressions, his body language, or his language, looking at Kartik it seems as if he has lived this character. We can see Kartik’s hard work in every aspect of the film in this film.

In ‘Satyaprem Ki Katha‘, Karthik played the role of a Gujarati boy. Despite his brilliant acting in that film, his Gujarati dialect was completely messed up. But in ‘Chandu Champion’, he has worked a lot on the Marathi dialect. Be it calling ‘champion’ as ‘champion’, ‘no’ as ‘no’ or ‘wrestler’ as ‘Pehlwan’.

Usually, only one sport is shown in a sports film. But in this film, Karthik is shown playing three sports. Wrestling, boxing and swimming. On one hand, Karthik has done a good job on the hand movements of boxing as well as footwork. On the other hand, he is also seen swimming without moving his legs. With this film, he has proved that he is ready to play any character.

Vijay Raj, Shreyas Talpade, Hemangi Kavi, Bhuvan Arora, and Sonali Kulkarni have also done a great job, giving full justice to their roles.

Chandu Champion Movie Cinematography

Sudeep Chatterjee has worked on the cinematography of this film. And this should also be talked about. Most of this film is in flashbacks, the story starts from 1952. And Sudeep Chatterjee has succeeded in showing that era through the lens of his camera.

Why You Must Watch Chandu Champion Movie?

There will be many films like ‘Animal’, and ‘Pushpa’ but films like ‘Chandu Champion’ should be made. In today’s time when we forget to move on after getting depressed, sometimes it is betrayal in love, sometimes a broken marriage, sometimes a job loss or failure in an exam.

Every day we get to read news of suicide in the newspaper. And that is why it is important to watch the story of Murali Kant who won a gold medal for our country despite being shot 9 times. Do go to the theatre and watch this film made on this ‘Indian Superman’ who did not give up despite his body, family and fate abandoning him.

The story of Murlikant Petkar is from a time when there were no computers. The files of many such soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our country, fought for its security and played for this country are still gathering dust in the army’s record room.

If Murlikant Petkar had not come forward on his own, perhaps we would never have known about him. ‘Chandu Champion’ ended with this question for me, what about those unsung heroes, and those ‘Chandu Champions’ who are still locked in those files, will we ever know about them?

Rest, it is possible to move forward by proving wrong every question, every doubt and every teasing laugh raised on you. Just don’t give up. And yes, once you turn back and ask this question to those who laugh at you like ‘Chandu Champion’, “Hey, why are you laughing?”

Chandu Champion
Chandu Champion Movie Review

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