Kinetic E Luna Electric Moped Launched, Daily Cost Just 10 Paise/km!

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Kinetic E Luna Electric Moped Launched: Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions Ltd has electrified its iconic moped Luna with the launch of the E-Luna electric vehicle in India. Priced at Rs 69,990 (ex-showroom), the E-Luna marks the return of the legendary moped that defined affordable mobility for millions of Indians in the 70s, 80s and 90s.

The company unveiled the E-Luna electric moped in the presence of Union Minister Nitin Gadkari. With a running cost of just 10 paise per km, the E-Luna promises to revolutionize electric two-wheeler adoption in India.

Highlights of Kinetic E-Luna Electric Moped:

  • Iconic Luna design with modern electric powertrain
  • 2kWh detachable lithium-ion battery pack
  • Hub-mounted 2.95 bhp electric motor
  • 110 km range on a single charge
  • Top speed of 50 kmph
  • Portable charger with 4-hour charging time
  • KG Connect app for vehicle tracking & monitoring
  • 4 riding modes (Eco, City, Speed, Sport)
  • Five colour options (Mulberry Red, Ocean Blue, Pearl Yellow, Sparkling Green, Night Star Black)

The E-Luna brings back the timeless Italian design of the original Luna moped which ruled Indian roads in the 80s and 90s. However, the new E-Luna replaces the 50cc engine with a 2.95 bhp electric hub motor paired with a removable 2kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

The electric powertrain enables a range of 110 km on a single charge with a convenient 4-hour charging time. The E-Luna can achieve a top speed of 50 kmph thanks to its electric torque which promises peppy acceleration.

Iconic Design Blends Old Charm With New Technology

Kinetic Green Energy has retained the iconic Luna design cues like the round halogen headlight, square indicators, 16-inch wire-spoke wheels with tube tyres, 1335 mm wheelbase and 760 mm seat height.

The pillion seat is detachable allowing the space to be used for luggage. The electric moped can serve as personal transport as well as a commercial vehicle for last-mile delivery.

Advanced Electric Powertrain For Emission-Free Riding

At the heart of E-Luna is a hub-mounted electric motor with a peak output of 2.95 bhp and max torque of 22 Nm. The electric motor draws power from a removable 2 kWh lithium-ion battery.

The battery pack can be fully charged in 4 hours using a portable charger. Kinetic claims a real-world range of 110 km from the 2 kWh battery. The electric moped has a top speed of 50 kmph.

Kinetic E Luna Powertrain

The electric powertrain enables an extremely low running cost of just 10 paise per km, which is a fraction of the cost of running a conventional petrol moped.

Modern Connected Features For Convenience

The E-Luna electric moped offers smart connected features via the KG Connect mobile app. Riders can monitor the moped’s battery status, usage metrics, riding behaviour and other parameters using the app.

Kinetic has equipped the E-Luna with four riding modes – Eco, City, Speed and Sport to suit different riding needs. The electric moped gets a digital instrument cluster to display speed, range, modes and other information.

Other useful features include a side stand sensor, front leg guard, saree guard, safety lock, bag hook and a USB charging port.

Assured Safety With Combined Braking & Telescopic Front Forks

Safety provisions in the E-Luna include telescopic front forks, twin rear shock absorbers, and drum brakes on both wheels with the combined braking system. The braking system distributes braking force optimally between the front and rear wheels for a shorter stopping distance.

The suspension setup along with the moped’s upright and stable design enables a comfortable riding experience over uneven roads. The riding position also makes the E-Luna well-suited for all age groups.

Attractive Choice For Cost-Conscious Buyers

By reviving the iconic Luna moped in an affordable and practical electric avatar, Kinetic Green has opened up a new segment in the electric two-wheeler space.

The E-Luna’s sub-Rs 70,000 pricing makes it an attractive proposition for buyers looking for an electric two-wheeler with familiar moped ergonomics and running costs of 10 paise/km.

Kinetic E Luna Features
Kinetic E Luna Electric Moped Launched, Daily Cost Just 10 Paise/km!

For college students, delivery personnel, and urban commuters on a budget, the E-Luna can usher in an era of sustainable mobility solutions with its energy efficiency, low maintenance and pocket-friendly economics.

Significance For India’s Electric Mobility Mission

The E-Luna’s launch reiterates India’s commitment to rapidly electrify mobility for reduced oil imports and carbon emissions. By resurrecting the ‘people’s moped’, Kinetic has made EV adoption more inclusive and accessible to the masses.

The electric moped can attract millions of prospective buyers thanks to its energy efficiency, low running costs and a reasonable price tag under Rs 70,000. Just like the original Luna moped, the E-Luna electric moped can potentially become the two-wheeler of choice for middle and lower-middle-income segments.

The government aims to electrify 70% of all commercial vehicles and 30% of private vehicles by 2030 under the FAME scheme. Affordable electric two-wheelers like the E-Luna will play a pivotal role in realizing this vision.


Kinetic Green’s E-Luna marks the exciting return of an iconic moped that once ushered in a quiet mobility revolution in India. By infusing the classic Italian Luna design with advanced EV technology, the company has created a product with immense potential for upgrading two-wheeler mobility into an efficient and sustainable future.

With running costs of just 10 paise per km, familiar ergonomics and sub-Rs 70,000 pricing, the E-Luna electric moped can drive mass adoption of ethical and eco-friendly transport across all walks of life. Just like its legendary namesake, the E-Luna may well become the defining two-wheeler of its time.