Niranjan Hiranandani Wealth of 32,000 Crore, Still Goes to Office by Local Train

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Billionaire Niranjan Hiranandani: Mumbai Local is not called the Lifeline of Mumbai for nothing. Be it common or special, everyone is seen travelling in it. An example of this is Veteran Real Estate Tycoon Niranjan Hiranandani.

Who knows how many luxury cars this billionaire businessman has, but leaving all these aside, he was seen travelling in Mumbai local train.

A video of him travelling in Mumbai Local is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Hiranandani herself has shared this video on her Instagram account and has explained the reason for travelling by train.

Video Viral on Social Media

This is the story of Niranjan Hiranandani, a renowned business tycoon in the real estate sector. Niranjan Hiranandani, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Hiranandani Group is going viral on social media.

In the viral video, they are seen travelling from Mumbai local. The video is said to be from the time when Hiranandani was going to his office in Ulhasnagar by Mumbai local.

Traffic Jams are the Main Issue in Mumbai

Mumbai, the city of dreams is famous for many things, but despite having millions of advantages, this city is also infamous in many respects, one of which is the traffic here. The traffic here can make even the best of people cry.

Often one can see traffic jams lasting for hours on the roads here, whose pictures and videos people keep posting on social media. If seen, the situation is such that amidst the increasing population, the number of vehicles on the roads has also increased rapidly, due to which people here have to face problems like traffic jams every day.

Who is Niranjan Hiranandani?

Niranjan Hiranandani
Niranjan Hiranandani

Niranjan Hiranandani is a millionaire Indian businessman who co-founded and is the managing director of the Hiranandani Group, which is involved in the real estate market. Forbes lists him as one of the top 100 wealthiest Indians.

Niranjan Hiranandani Net Worth

Everyone is surprised to see Niranjan Hiranandani riding Mumbai Locals like this. Talking about, Niranjan Hiranandani is counted among the top rich in the country.

Niranjan Hiranandani is among the 50 richest people in India. Net Worth of Niranjan Hiranandani is more than Rs 32,000 Crore. He also has a collection of luxury cars.

He founded the Hiranandani Group along with his brother Surendra Hiranandani. Niranjan Hiranandani has two children, while Niranjan Hiranandani’s Wife Kamal Hiranandani also plays a big role in the business.