Student Reached EOU Office After NEET Paper Leak Case, Secrets Will be Revealed After Interrogation

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NEET Paper Leak Case : The first candidate has come forward in response to the notice sent by the EOU in the NEET 2024 paper leak case. A candidate named Isha Bharti from Danpur, Patna has reached the EOU office. Now the student will be questioned by the police in the solver gang and paper leak case.

In fact, during the investigation of the rigging in the NEET paper, the Bihar Police had found the roll codes of 13 candidates with the solver gang. The police had arrested four of these 13 candidates, the remaining 9 candidates were called for questioning by the EOU by sending them notices. Out of these, Isha Bharti of Patna has reached for questioning.

NTA Gave Information About Suspicious Candidates to EOU

According to EOU DIG Manavjit Singh Dhillon, NTA had sent the admit cards of the candidates in its reply, through which EOU got the information of the mobile numbers and addresses of the candidates.

The candidates have been called for questioning by sending a notice to this address, after which the candidates and their parents will be questioned about their connection with the solver gang. It will also be asked whether these nine candidates were also made to memorize the question paper by the solver gang before the examination or not.

Police Had Found Burnt Question Papers

Let us tell you that NEET students have been claiming paper leak in Patna and Nalanda of Bihar since the exam. Students say that the NEET paper had gone viral on Telegram and some students were being made to memorize the paper. Bihar Police had arrested several accused in the NEET paper leak case, but it was not investigated seriously till now. Police had found burnt question papers of NEET. 

NEET Paper Was Memorized in NHAI’s Inspection Bungalow’s team went to the NHAI inspection bungalow and checked the entry register, in which Anurag Yadav’s name was checked. Anurag Yadav is a relative of Junior Engineer Sikandar Prasad Yadavendu, the main accused in the NEET paper leak case, and is also a NEET aspirant.

Investigation revealed that the accused Junior Engineer Sikandar had made arrangements for Anurag and many others to stay in this NHAI inspection bungalow. Later, these people were taken from here to the ‘safe house’ (where answers were memorized) prepared for the remaining 30+ candidates.