4 Round2World YouTubers Died in Road Accident

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4 Round2World YouTubers riding in a car died in a horrifying traffic accident that happened in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh. Two young people have major injuries. For medical attention, they have been admitted to the hospital. The car was totally smashed due to the severity of the accident.

There was a collision involving three cars. The same car carried the two injured and the four deceased. Their car was smashed by a second vehicle that struck it from behind after it collided with a Bolero from the front.

The Manota bridge in the district’s Hasanpur Kotwali neighbourhood was the scene of the nighttime disaster. In addition, four passengers in the Bolero vehicle sustained injuries in the collision. Additionally, Gajraula Community Health Centre has admitted them for treatment. The family brought them to a Bada private hospital.

These four people were reportedly well-known for producing comedic content for the Round 2 World YouTube channel.

Bolero Collided in Front

The police claim that on Sunday night, Lucky Chaudhary, Salman, Shahrukh, Shahnawaz, Zaid, and Dilshad went to Hasanpur to attend a friend’s birthday celebration. Following a party at a nearby hotel, everyone left late at night to make their way back to their house on Nawada Road in Gajraula.

The moment they arrived at the bridge in Kotwali Hasanpur’s Manota outpost area, their car crashed into a Bolero car that was approaching at high speed from the front. As this was going on, a car from behind them squeezed their vehicle.

4 Round2World YouTubers Died

The four Round2World YouTubers in the car – Lucky Chaudhary, Salman, Shahrukh, and Shahnawaz, died instantly in this collision. Dilshad and Zaid had suffered severe injuries. In addition, four Bolero passengers suffered injuries in the collision. As soon as they were informed of the collision, police arrived at the scene.

Police used an ambulance to transport everyone to the CHC in Gajraula. Dilshad and Zaid were sent to Meerut after determining their conditions were critical. The families of the young people who had died were in disarray when they heard about this tragedy. The family members arrived at the CHC in tears. The four youngsters’ bodies have been sent for a post-mortem by the police.