Argylle Movie Review: A Misfire in the Spy Comedy Genre

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Matthew Vaughn‘s latest spy caper ‘Argylle‘ arrives in theatres with an A-list cast but fails to impress critics. Despite cameos from Samuel L. Jackson, John Cena, Ariana DeBose and Dua Lipa, the bloated spy spoof succumbs to a convoluted plot and inconsistent tone.

Argylle Movie Review

Matthew Vaughn’s latest foray into spy-action comedy promised to deliver his signature blend of explosions, quips, and ridiculousness. Unfortunately, Argylle collapses under the weight of its convoluted plot and ineffective gags.

Movie TitleArgylle
DirectorMatthew Vaughn
Distributed byUniversal Pictures
Apple TV+
CastBryce Dallas Howard
Sam Rockwell
Henry Cavill
Catherine O’Hara
Bryan Cranston
Samuel L. Jackson
John Cena
Ariana DeBose
Dua Lipa
Release Date2 February 2024
Budget$200 million

Muddled Spy Caper Buried Under Two Hours Of Mess

‘Argylle’ follows successful novelist Elly Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard) as she gets caught up in a real-life spy conspiracy that mirrors the espionage plots in her fiction novels. After a chance encounter with a mysterious spy named Aidan (Sam Rockwell), Elly realizes that shadowy forces want to kidnap her because of perceived links between her writing and actual covert missions.

Henry Cavill, John Cena, and Dua Lipa in Argylle
Henry Cavill, John Cena, and Dua Lipa in Argylle

What starts as a playful, meta riff on the spy genre spirals into an incoherent mess of tangled plot threads and half-baked character arcs. Director Matthew Vaughn fails to maintain a consistent tone, frantically switching between lightweight spoof, romance and gritty action thriller from one scene to the next.

Lavish Action Scenes Fail To Impress

Vaughn builds his reputation on unique, stylized action sequences, but the major set pieces in ‘Argylle’ disappoint. An early train fight highlights Vaughn’s weaknesses in physics and spatial awareness, while a climactic hallway brawl registers as his dullest choreographed scene yet.

Sam Rockwell and Bryce Dallas Howard in Argylle Movie
Sam Rockwell and Bryce Dallas Howard in Argylle Movie

For all the globe-trotting locations and lavish production, none of the stunts prove particularly memorable. Much of the CGI looks awkward and unconvincing as well.

Strong Lead Performances Wasted

‘Argylle’ assembles an impressive cast, but most of the stars find themselves severely underutilized. Bryce Dallas Howard and Sam Rockwell generate strong chemistry as the central pair, only to see their promising character arcs peter out in the cluttered second half.

Henry Cavill and Dua Lipa in Argylle Movie
Henry Cavill and Dua Lipa in Argylle Movie

Scene-stealing supporting turns from Catherine O’Hara, Bryan Cranston and Samuel L. Jackson barely register as a blip on the crowded canvas. John Cena, Ariana DeBose and Dua Lipa feature in blink-and-you’ll-miss-them cameos.

Final Verdict: Stick To The Kingsman Franchise

Matthew Vaughn clearly intends ‘Argylle’ as the start of a new spy saga, even teasing future crossover potential with his hit ‘Kingsman‘ series. But with all of ‘Argylle’s glaring narrative and tonal problems, a prospective franchise seems unlikely.

Overall, ‘Argylle’ squanders its premises and strong cast with an overstuffed plot and undisciplined filmmaking. For a fun, sharply executed spy adventure from Vaughn, go back and watch the ‘Kingsman’ movies instead.

Argylle Movie FAQs

What is the plot of “Argylle” Movie?

“Argylle” follows the story of Elly Conway, a successful espionage novel author whose fictional plots mirror the actions of a real-life spy organization. When Elly’s path crosses with a man claiming to be a spy, she gets sucked into the world of espionage as she discovers that her novels hold secrets that someone is willing to kill for.

Who stars in the ‘Argylle’ cast?

The movie features a star-studded cast including Henry Cavill, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Rockwell, Dua Lipa, John Cena, and more.

Is ‘Argylle’ movie based on a book?

The movie is not directly based on a real book. However, the main character Elly Conway is the author of a fictional successful book series about a spy named Argylle.

Who is the director of ‘Argylle’?

‘Argylle’ is directed by Matthew Vaughn, known for films like ‘Kick-Ass’, ‘X-Men: First Class’ and the ‘Kingsman’ series.

Is “Argylle” part of a franchise?

While “Argylle” is a standalone film, there have been hints that future entries in the franchise could potentially share the universe with Vaughn’s “Kingsman” series.

Will ‘Argylle’ get a sequel?

There has been no official confirmation yet on a sequel. But the first film was intended to launch a new spy franchise from director Matthew Vaughn.