Baby Shower Pictures are Going Viral, Is YouTuber Armaan Malik Going to Become a Father Again?

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Armaan Malik is always in the news for his personal life. He keeps sharing every little thing of his life with his fans through his vlogs. Just a few days ago, Armaan celebrated the first birthday of his three children – two children from Payal Malik and a son from Kritika Malik. Now he has shared a new vlog in which a baby shower is mentioned and he asked the fans who is pregnant among Payal and Golu.

Mention of Baby Shower

In the video, Armaan, Payal and Kritika reach a venue where the baby shower was being decorated. Payal says in the video that we have come to the baby shower. Now you guys guess whether this baby shower is Kritika’s or mine. After this, a cake is also shown in the video on which “Dad” is written.

Who is Pregnant Among Golu and Payal

Golu says in the video that this is a good idea, you guess it yourself and get to know it directly at the baby shower. I feel embarrassed to tell you like this. This enigmatic statement has increased the curiosity among the fans. Fans are desperate to know who among Kritika and Payal is pregnant.

A Glimpse of Dance in Video

The video further shows Payal and Golu dancing with Armaan and the choreographer teaching them the dance in front. Seeing this part, fans are also suspecting that this baby shower may be a part of a new song.

Bigg Boss OTT 3 Rumours

A few days ago, news came that Armaan Malik may come as a contestant in Bigg Boss OTT 3. It is being said that he is going to come alone and not with both his wives. If this is true then it will be big news for Armaan’s fans and they will be eager to see him in this show.