Dune Part Two Review: Zendaya Steals the Show

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Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi epic sequel elevates the stunning visuals and world-building of the first film with richer character development and emotional stakes. Zendaya shines as the soul of the new movie.

Dune Part Two Review

In Dune Part One, Zendaya had limited screen time as the Fremen warrior Chani, appearing mostly in visions. Dune Part Two puts her front and center as both the emotional core and a key perspective character.

Dune Part Two
Zendaya as Chani in Dune: Part 2. Chani’s boyfriend becomes a messiah, which I can only imagine is extremely obnoxious. | Warner Bros. Pictures

As Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) integrates with the Fremen people, Chani grounds the story with her skepticism. She doubts the off-worlder’s motivations and the messiah prophecies seemingly meant to control her people. Still, an undeniable connection grows between Paul and Chani.

Zendaya projects a mix of wariness, hope, and heartache. Despite understanding Paul’s interests don’t fully align with the Fremen, she can’t help but be swayed. Zendaya shows universality of emotion, even in an alien context.

Villeneuve Deftly Handles Epic Scope and Intimate Drama

While expanding the world-building and action, Villeneuve also hones in on character development missed in the first installment. Moments like Paul’s naming ceremony and Chani and Paul’s romantic scenes balance the huge set pieces.

Dune Part Two
Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Stellar craftspeople like cinematographer Greig Fraser and composer Hans Zimmer return, enhancing the visuals and score. Newcomer Austin Butler makes an impression as the sociopathic villain Feyd-Rautha with an intense, scenery-chewing performance.

At its core, Dune Part 2 remains a tragedy about the dangers of power and fanaticism. The sequel delivers the payoff promised in the first half of Villeneuve’s sprawling adaptation.

Richer Themes Bolster the Epic Story

Under the galactic struggles, Dune Part Two explores meaningful themes. Chani represents a grounded perspective on colonization. Lady Jessica’s arc touches on the pitfalls of zealotry.

Dune Part Two 2
Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Moments questioning Paul’s messiah status add nuance to the chosen one trope. Dune Part Two elevates the property by capturing the essence of Frank Herbert’s novel beyond just the intricate world-building.


Dune Part Two realizes the potential of its source material with stunning visuals matched by emotional impact. Denis Villeneuve successfully handles the massive scale while keeping intimate character drama intact. Anchored by Zendaya’s standout performance, Dune Part Two satisfies as both sci-fi spectacle and tragedy.