Everyone Went Crazy over Muskan Baby’s Killer Moves, Shook her Waist Vigorously with her Body Drenched in Sweat

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Famous Haryanvi Dancer Muskan Baby has made everyone crazy with her style and dance in Haryanvi Ragini programs. Wherever she goes, people become fans of her dance. Recently, a new dance video of her is going viral on YouTube in which she is dancing fiercely in the open sky in the dark night under the shining lights.

Video Went Viral on YouTube

This new Haryanvi dance video of Muskan Baby has been released on YouTube by ‘Sapna Entertainment’ channel. Although the location and time of the video is not known, it was released in February 2024.

In this video, Muskan is seen in a red suit which is making her even more attractive. It seems that she has reached a wedding ceremony where the stage is decorated and Muskan is rocking the song ‘Suthri Se Tu’.

The magic of song

Ranveer Kundu has given his voice to this song and its lyrics have been written by Amit Saini Rohtakiya. Makk V composed the music for the song. In this four-minute video, Muskan Baby has danced a lot. Seeing her style, the guests present there have also become crazy about her. The noise heard from the background in the video confirms that Muskan Baby has won everyone’s hearts.

Popularity of Muskaan Baby

Muskan Baby’s popularity can be gauged from the fact that her every new video goes viral in no time. Her style and dance steps are so amazing that people like to watch them again and again. She has become a special identity in Haryanvi Ragini programs and the number of her fans is increasing every day.

Fans Flood Social Media

Muskan Baby is also very active on social media. She has millions of followers on her YouTube channel and Instagram, who eagerly wait for her every new post and video. The craze of her fans is such that they immediately share and like her every video, which makes them even more viral.

Muskaan Baby Dance Style

Muskan Baby’s dance style is very energetic and attractive. She performs every song in her unique style, which gives us something new to watch every time. Her expressions and moves are so perfect that the audience cannot stop praising her. Her dance is liked by people of all ages, especially she has a huge fan following among the youth.