Gaurav Zone Arrested by Uttar Pradesh Police in Nidhivan Raj Controversy

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In this article, you will get to know about Gaurav Zone’s Nidhivan Raj Controversy, and how this whole incident was planned and organized.

What is the controversy of Nidhivan Raj with Gaurav?

Gaurav Sharma aka Gaurav Zone is a famous YouTuber. He always shows the content for his YouTube channel.

Gaurav Sharma illegally entered in Nidhivan Temple area at midnight and shot a video there. He uploaded this video to his YouTube channel on the 13th of November 2021. Rohit Krishna Putra complained to the police station on 13th November.

The believers of Lord Shree Krishna, caretakers of the Temple, and servants of lord Shree Krishna got angry and the situation went critical. Police came into action and arrested him with the help of Gaurav’s YouTube IP address and surveillance. Gaurav said that there were another four people who were included.

What is Nidhivan Raj and its Story?

Nidhivan Raj is a holy place located in Vrindavan, Mathura District, Uttar Pradesh, India. The place is popular for Lord Krishna. According to ancient belief, Nidhivan Raj is a place where Lord Krishna and Radha do Raas-Leela at night. Nobody is allowed there at night even The Temple’s servants and caretakers don’t stay there at night.

According to ancient belief if someone tries to get there at that time that person will suddenly disappear or die. this is the reason nobody is allowed there at night.

How did this whole incident happen?

Gaurav came to meet his uncle Rajkumar on 6th November 2021 who lives in Mathura. Gaurav says when he and his friends were talking about different topics his cousin’s brother Prashant told him about the ‘Nidhivan Raj’ we detailed above.

Gaurav got curious and want know the whole truth and actually what happened. Gaurav, Prashant, Mohit, Abhishek, and one other friend decided to shoot and video about this for their YouTube channel. Gaurav and his team reached the incident spot at midnight with their four-wheeler.

Abhishek and his other friend didn’t join them and remained seated in the car. Gaurav and his friend illegally entered that incident spot by jumping the wall. they shot the video for 15 minutes and returned to the home.

Gaurav returned to Delhi and uploaded that video on 9th November 2021. When he found out on 13th November 2021 that this was a sensitive video and someone complained about this he immediately deleted the video from his YouTube channel and also from his phone.