Palak Muchhal Gave A New Life To 3000 Children By Performing Heart Surgery, 413 Children Are Still on Waiting List

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Apart from acting, many stars of the entertainment world are also interested in social work. Among them, the names of many artists like Sonu Sood, and Salman Khan come up. Now the famous singer Palak Muchhal has also joined this list. Palak Muchhal is very interested in social work and she has treated 3000 children suffering from heart disease through her fundraiser.

Palak Muchhal shared a series of videos on achieving this milestone. Palak has recently undergone surgery for a child, whose name is Alok. Alok’s surgery was done on June 11 and he is a resident of Indore. Sharing the video, Palak wrote, “Saved 3000 lives. Thank you for all your prayers. Surgery was successful and now Alok is fine.”

According to ETimes report, Palak has been treating children since the age of 7. Palak’s name has been recorded in the ‘Guinness Book of Records‘ and the ‘Limca Book of Records‘ for this social work.

Working Since The Age Of 7

Talking about his journey, Palak Muchhal said, ‘When I started this mission, I was only 7 years old. It was a small beginning which is now gradually becoming bigger. Now this is the beginning of my life.” I still have 413 children on the waiting list. At every concert I do, I use the money to help these children’s parents who cannot afford them. I am really glad that God chose me to do this.’

How To Deposit Money?

Palak Muchhal said that when she was not a singer, she would sing for three hours and whatever money she earned from it, she would help the children. As his songs became popular, the donations also started increasing. Later, Palak started getting so much money from a concert that he started performing surgeries on 13 to 14 children. Palak said, “I have always seen music as a medium to bring about change in society.

Palak Muchhal is a resident of Indore. He has sung songs like Kaun Tujhe, Nayo Lagad, Hua Hai Aaj Pahli Baar and Shodhadi. Palak is married to music composer Mithun.