Singer Shubh Diss Virat Kohli and Kangana Ranaut in EP Leo

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Shubh Diss Track EP Leo: After getting lots of hate and India Tour Cancellation by BookMyShow in September 2023. Everybody thought that Canadian singer and rapper Shubhneet Singh‘s Downfall Started. Even Singer Shubh was unfollowed by Most Celebrities including Virat Kohli, and Indian Brand boAt Cancelled Sponsorship. People linked his move as a sign of him being a Khalistani Supporter.

But Shubh was Not Silent, On 5 Jan 2024 he returned with a new EP Leo, Replying All Haters. In EP Leo, Singer Shubh Replied to Virat Kohli and Kangana Ranaut. Shubh’s EP Leo performance became the talk of the town as fans eagerly awaited his musical reply.

Shubh Diss Tracks in EP LEO

In an unexpected turn of events, singer Shubh has taken the internet by storm with a musical response to none other than cricket maestro Virat Kohli and Bollywood queen Kangana Ranaut. The EP Leo stage has been lit up with laughter and joy as Shubh brings his unique musical flair to respond to the duo, proving that music truly is a universal language.

With his EP Leo performance on the horizon, Shubh decided to respond to Virat and Kangana with a musical twist that left everyone in splits. Rather than engaging in a war of words.

The singer also targets Kangana Ranaut, calling her out for her controversial political opinions and inflammatory statements. Also, he says to Kangana that Your Movies are not running.

Virat Kohli and Kangana Ranaut are yet to respond to the verbal attacks in the song. But the fiery diss track has certainly ruffled feathers in the entertainment industry and sparked debate on social media. Shubh has made it clear he is not afraid to diss even the biggest celebrities if they cross a line.