Strawberry Moon Will be Visible on June 21, Is It Related to Honey Moon?

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Strawberry Moon : From 20 to 22 June, such a moon is going to appear, which is called Strawberry Moon. But its best view will be seen on 21 June. It will appear one day after Summer Solstice. This time it will be seen shining in the Sagittarius Constellation

This moon has many other names. But it is usually called Strawberry Moon. The surprising thing is that this moon has a direct connection with ‘honeymoon‘. First let us know its other names, then the honeymoon will also be revealed. Strawberry Moon is also called Hot Moon, Honey Moon and Rose Moon.

The Algonquin tribes of North America named it Strawberry Moon because this is the time to harvest strawberries in North America. Astrophysicist Jackie Faherty of the American Museum of Natural History said that people try to understand the color of the moon based on the name but it will not look strawberry colored or red or pink at all. It will be visible with its yellow light. 

Why Does the Moon Appear in Different Colours? 

Jackie says that it will look golden yellow. There will be a slight red effect. It depends on what kind of chemicals are more prevalent in the atmosphere above you at that time. Actually, the grey moon appears in different colors due to sunlight and the gases and chemicals present in the atmosphere.

Real Moon is Visible as Soon as it Comes Close to Earth

Jackie said that when the full moon rises, it is a surreal experience to see it. That too when the moon is close to the earth. At that time you can see the mountains, pits, valleys, impact craters etc. of the moon. Now the question arises that what is the connection between Strawberry Moon and Honeymoon. Why is it called Honeymoon?

What is the story behind the different names? 

Strawberry Moon is also called Hot Moon because it appears in summer. It is also called Rose Moon because at this time rose crops flourish in many places around the world. According to NASA, Europeans also call it Honey Moon because at this time honeycombs are ready. It is the time to extract honey from them.

It is Also Related to the Wedding Honeymoon 

It is also related to the wedding honeymoon. Ask how because the word honeymoon has been in use since the 1500s. At this time, weddings take place in many countries around the world. After weddings, people often go somewhere to celebrate their honeymoon. 

Names of the Moon After Countries, Cultures and Festivals 

Jackie says that people in different places of the world have given it different names according to their culture, time, festival and occasion. That is why it feels good to hear and understand these names. You will not feel scared or anxious on hearing its name. No mathematics, science or logic has been applied to its name. It is based only on people’s beliefs.