Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce May Get Engaged This Summer

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Brace yourselves, Swifties! Rumours are swirling that Taylor Swift and her football hottie Travis Kelce are ready to take the plunge. Sources say Tay’s squad is buzzing that Taylor and Travis plan to get engaged!

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Relationship Timeline:

Back in July 2023, Travis tried to slip Taylor his number at her concert. It’s really smooth, dude! She must’ve been into it, cause they started secretly dating right after. These two kept it on the down low for months before going public!

Come September 2023, their “first date” at a Chiefs game was apparently just for show. Taylor Swift and Travis are too smart to jump into a high-profile relationship. I mean, can you even imagine?

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Travis Kelce Got Approval from Swift’s Dad

In December 2023, Page Six exclusively reported that Kelce had approached Swift’s father, Scott Swift, for permission to marry her, and that Scott had given his approval. The couple spent the holidays with both of their families and were seen getting cosy on New Year’s Eve.

Taylor Swift Dating Travis Kelce
Taylor Swift Dating Travis Kelce

The couple has been upfront about their relationship since going public, with Swift becoming a regular at Kelce’s games.

Swift and Kelce appear to be in a happy and serious relationship, with marriage on the horizon. While the couple has kept their relationship relatively secret, they have been vocal about their affection for each other and their support for each other’s careers.

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When Will Travis Kelce Gonna Propose Taylor Swift?

Sources say he likely won’t do it on Valentine’s Day – they don’t wanna seem too “rushed.” Gotta play it cool, I guess! But rumour has it Travis will get down on one knee on their first anniversary this July! I can’t even handle it. Taylor’s inner circle says there’s a whole plan in place already.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce to Get Engaged
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce to Get Engaged

If this all happens, Tay may be singing a “Cruel Summer” remix about their engagement before we know it. Or at least I hope so!

So brace yourselves, Swifties – wedding bells could be ringing soon for our fave crooner! Fingers crossed Travis makes an honest woman outta Taylor. But for now, the waiting game continues…